IIOT Solutions

Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT), in simple terms, means connecting industrial systems to the internet for easy access their data and enabling ready analytics. Industrial assets like machines and structures are usually fitted with a number of sensors for continuous assessment and control of their systems and sub-systems. If the data from these sensors can be be aggregated to a computer connected to the internet, it will open up a large number of possibilities for exploiting this virtually free yet immensely valuable resource to streamline the production activities. The sensor data of critical systems and components can be used in conjunction with with data analytics and visualization techniques for use cases like:

  • Remote monitoring of the operation of critical equipment
  • Automated reports on production and raw material inventory
  • Equipment operation quality analysis
  • Usage monitoring of individual components and systems

As part of our end-to-end service we offer complete support from sensors to data aggregation analysis and visualization

AI Solutions

AI/ML/Data Science is revolutionizing the industry in terms of productivity, reliability and customer value creation. In the context of manufacturing and process industries, AI & ML methods are used to develop tools and techniques for automation and enrichment of systems, activities or decisions by capitalizing on data collected during the operation of machinery and their maintenance activities. AI/ML applications are ubiquitous now-a-days ranging from quality inspection of small components to fully autonomous automobiles. The key difference between conventional automation and AI based approach is that the decision models use very large amounts of data on the related operations, gathered from various sources over a long period, to ‘learn’ patterns and trends and arrive at conclusions based on that experience.

The relatively low cost of data storage and processing devices coupled with ready availability of powerful ML algorithms empowered even small businesses to employ AI/ML in their operations and the customer-value thus created is shown to far exceed the additional cost. The application of these technologies to engineering systems has resulted in quantum leaps in their reliability, durability, productivity, customer experience and profitability to such an extent that commercial viability of systems that do not exploit this opportunity is quickly declining in the current competitive business environment.

The benefits of AI/ML based solutions include:

  • Condition/health monitoring of individual components and systems
  • Early detection of progressive defects, or indications of them
  • Generating of insights for design or process improvements
  • Quick and elaborate defect investigations considering the status of the asset leading up to the failure.
  • Training of operating/maintenance staff using data-based insights
  • Assessment of operating/maintenance staff performance based on their impact on status/performance of assets
  • More thorough experience-based analysis (beyond OEM provided checks) for maintenance activities along with visualization of data and custom report generation
  • Informed decision making for life extension of assets
  • Decoding of control algorithms of assets


We offer trainings for professionals in the areas of:

  • Vibration measurement and analysis
  • Machine Learning for Engineering Application