Srinivas Aluri

Srinivas Aluri, Founder, has over 24 years experience in Engineering including 5 years at GE Aircraft Engines where he worked on aeroengine design for dynamics and vibrations. He is a serial entrepreneur who founded companies in engineering and manufacturing domains. He got MS in Civil and Mechanical Engineering from West Virginia University, US, and MBA from Babson College, US. He is Certified in Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Machine Learning.

Suryanarayana Raju Pakalapati

Dr. Suryanarayana Raju, Head Enngineering and AI, has over 20 yrs experience in Engineering and Data Science. His domain expertise is in mechanical systems with focus on computation modelling (CFD) for fluid flow, heat transfer, combustion, reactive and multi-phase flows. He has PhD in Mechanical Engineering from West Virginia University, US. He is certified in Deep Learning from and in Data Science from NPTEL.

Santram Verma

Santram Varma, Manager, is a veteran of 26 years from Indian Navy and retired as Chief Petty Officer. He has extensive working experience on several Naval Aircraft including IL-38, KAMOV-28, KAMOV-31 and MiG29K and Sea Eagle Missile (Matra bac) British Aerospace. He was a member of inaugural MIG29K team and was trained in Russia on its maintenance and upkeep.