SMS offers standard and custom products based on National Instruments™ hardware & software for Machinery Condition Monitoring (MCM) & Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) applications.

For Machinery Condition Monitoring applications, we offer handheld 3-Channel Portable Data Acquitision system, Multi-Channel Single DAQ systems, and Multi-Channel, Multi-DAQ plant wide monitoring systems based on NI InsightCM™ .

For Structural Health Monitoring applications, we offer, Low-Channel-Count, Single DAQ Devices, Medium & High – Channel-Count, Modular DAQ Systems.

NI InsightCM™ Enterprise Product Overview
NI InsightCM™ Enterprise is a software solution for online condition monitoring that acquires and analyzes sensory information, generates alarms, allows maintenance specialists to visualize and manage data, and simplifies deployment of large numbers of monitoring sytems. It provides insight into the health of both critical rotating machinery and auxiliary rotating equipment to optimize machine performance, maximize uptime, reduce maintenance costs, and increase safety. The software suite consists of two main components:


NI InsightCM™ Data Explorer


Application for remotely analyzing raw time-series data and results, drawing comparisons and viewing historical trends with support for standard vibration plots

NI InsightCM™ Server

Server software with comprehensive analytic and data management capabilities with a thin client for configuring and viewing health of acquisition devices The software suite also offers compatible out-of-the-box hardware options, the CompactRIO-based NI Condition Monitoring Systems, that acquire data from a range of sensors, including proximity probes, accelerometers, pressure sensors, voltage and current sensors, thermocouples, and RTDs.




NI InsightCM™ Enterprise Architecture & Features

With the InsightCM™ Enterprise solution, data is automatically acquired using CompactRIO-based NI Condition Monitoring Systems, and transmitted to the server where it is stored. The NI InsightCM™ Server software calculates condition indicators and also manages the CompactRIO-based systems. The data is then available for remote viewing and analysis using the NI InsightCM™ Data Explorer client application. Data is also exportable as tags to third-party software packages running at the enterprise IT level.