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Smart Machines & Structures has been established with a goal to provide superior products, services, and training for our customers in the fields of Machinery Condition Monitoring (MCM) & Structural Health Monitoring (SHM). Our MCM & SHM monitoring solutions are based on software and hardware from National Instruments™ – A Global Leader in Test, Measurement, and Solutions.


Srinivas Aluri, the founder of SMS has close to 20 years of experience in  Structural Engineering, Rotordynamics, and Structural Health Monitoring having worked as an Engineering Scientist at West Virginia University, USA, and as a Rotordynamics Engineer at GE, Aviation, USA.


What is a Smart Machine or a Smart Structure?

A Smart Machine or a Structure, is one which has in-built network of sensors and associated algorithms to remotely monitor the critical performance parameters of the systems to enable its maximum performance and safety.


Why Smart Machines or Structures?

Smart Machines and Structures will have lower life cycle costs due to inbuilt monitoring mechanisms that prevent catastrophic failures and costly shutdowns. Maintenance will only be done when required.